“Please help! I need serious help.I think I’m possesed”

"Please help! I need serious help.I think I'm possesed"
From a married female blog reader:

Am a sex addict and am married to a very nice man,my urge for sex has made me sleep with my little pet and it died after few weeks.I sleep with both men and women anything at all, I use all manner of sex toys and object to penetrate my body,but am still not satisfied. I feel for my husband because sometimes I feel I don’t deserve him.

How do I satisfy myself? Am I possessed or something? I have gone to different churches and I end up in bed with the pastors and if I go to seek counsel I end up sleeping with almost everybody around. Please I need help,from any good pastor or anybody that can help me,even my Pussy hurts but yet I can’t stop. Yes I dated married men before marriage,could it be that one of their wives have place a curse on me?

Answers please, I need answers ..