Please help! I lied to him that I’ve aborted his pregnancy

Please help! I lied to him that I've aborted his pregnancy

From a female blog reader:

I have known dis guy and once dated him five years ago. Buh distance and loss of contact made us depart, early last year we happend to meet again. And seriously i fell for him again. He told he had a girlfriend after getting to my pants. And he made me realize he loves her so much. I decided to let him be not knowing d sex we had was going to result to pregnancy. I made him realize dat am pregnant with his child and i cant abort it. He started insulting me called all sort of names that he is not ready. I told him i would takie of the baby on my own but he calls me everyday just to make me feel sad. Now i had to lie to him that i have aborted it just to have peace of mind. Meanwhile he is still sleeping with me. In weeks time my baby will start showing and i dont know what to do or say if he see it. D more i try to avoid him the more i see myself around him.