Please help! I fell in love with my dad’s tenant

Please help! I fell in love with my dad's tenant

From a female blog reader:

Pls keep me anonymous.. I am a 25 years old lady who has really searched for love for a long time..well I was once loved by my then university boyfriend whom I met in my 2nd year(2011)..He really cared a great deal for me,,did every single thing money and feelings could do,even when I offend him,he apologizes infact he practically worshipped the ground I walked on..we dated for 2 years and I began to feel chocked..I felt the love was too much(funny right) and so I asked for space. After he begged for a long and I refused,he decided to let me be..I was still young and hot,I wanted to feel another type of love and romance hoping I’ll get something better..I did tho(money wise) but none ever lasted for more than 4 months..
Fast forward to June last year..I went home to see and stay with my parents for 2 weeks(I’m self employed so I could afford the time)..on getting home,I discovered a hot new tenant occupying one of the 2 bedroom flats in our compound.. I asked my dad about him and my dad said as much as he knows the guy for the few months he’s been staying there,he has no problem.. He goes to work and comes back, doesn’t keep late nights,he even paid 2 straight years rent,infact he seems responsible,, unknown to my dad the reason for asking, I just nodded and said OK..
One Saturday morning I met him washing his car outside and I greeted him,his smile was so angelic as he responded(trust me this guy is everything most women wants in a guy)..we got talking and that was 2 weeks visit turned 2 months, even when I got back to my base we kept talking and became more into each other and fond of each other..He recharges, subscribes my phone/line and even sends me money most times..I began to visit home often.
Now he is talking about marriage, I really love this guy and would love to spend my life with him..but the question is…will I pack out of my parents house only to move into out tenants house as my hubby’s house in the same compound?? Doesn’t it sound and feel somehow?? I don’t think he sees anything wrong with it cos I haven’t spoken to him about it but I feel it doesn’t feel right…
Please guys I’m really