“Please help! I don’t know if he’s true love or Yoruba demon”

"Please help! I don't know if he's true love or Yoruba demon"

From a female blog reader:

Am 19 and relationships have not been too good for me so am focusing on more good things and all.. Am not really bothered i just need people’s opinion to get my thinking right.
I met this guy who claims to be 30yrs of age and a lawyer, he travels from one place to another and all.. We met when i was at work in my worst physical apperance we can imagine! We exchanged numbers because i found him cool and all of a sudden he started talking about love and am like no “ko le werk” why? Am trying to get my butt into school but his done with school nd working but am not freak. What am more concerned about is him saying he loves me and all but am still doubting why me of all people like when they say someone is cute.. 100%cute black with pink lips and to make the matter worst his yoruba so i think those facial appearance defines a yoruba demon and me too have been playing along saying have heard him but we can’t date because i feel his just being unserious and looking for somewhere to perch. The most annoying is whenever he asks for us to see he will say come over to my place and any time i insist on me not coming over, he will get angry and go mute for days and what’s my own? Why should i be bothered about a fuck man, like we can have a drink around not me coming to your place and after going mute for days he will just come and say “you ehn you are sha showing yourself” and in my mind am like if am young, does not mean am dumb! Fine he might not have a bad motiff but what if i end up making the moves when we together biko maybr you all can help me change my thinking’ about him, he might want something serious we never can tell..