Please help! I can’t get over him

Please help! I can't get over him

From a female blog reader:

I will try to keep the details short. So I started dating this guy like 6 months back and he was everything and more. He was loving, caring and very sweet. He said he won’t have sex wit me and that he wanted to keep us till wedding and that made me so happy. We planned a perfect life together and he said he couldn’t just wait to settle down wit me. We were meant to do our introduction/trad during our fourth month of being together but Alot of obstacle arose and we just shifted. He changed last month, he stopped picking my calls and he practically shouts on me every time. I am a very emotional person so I cry whenever that happens. He apologised after sometime and he swore he loved me and that he would do anything for us to be together. mid last month he started his attitudes again of not picking my calls and shouting. Just recently he sent me a message saying he can’t marry me bcoz of where I come from and that I lied to him and my aunt has been telling him things about me so I should move on with my life. God I cried and cried in fact I am still crying. I knew my aunt was envious and jealous of us but I never knew she would go that far to destroy us wit lies. This guy was someone I was so careful around, God knows I never lied or cheated on him, for the few months I gave him my all, I wanted to be the perfect woman for him, he wasn’t cool with the fact that I was on any social media so he posted all his pictures on my social account and I never got to complain. Immediately he sent me that message all I could reply was thank u and so he deleted and blocked me from his instagram and facebook. I felt humiliated. I cried and deleted all his pictures from my social accounts. I called his mum, she said I shouldn’t give up and that she would talk to him and I should pls put his pictures back that he might just be testing me.. I am 25 But am not dumb Na and someone tipped me off telling me he is dating someone else.. My family members have been calling him and he has refused to pick.. Should I really try to win him back or should I just let go? Bcoz am emotionally tired.. I can’t even think of another relationship