Please help! He’s now saying he can’t marry me after I trained him school

Please help! He's now saying he can't marry me after I trained him school

From a female blog reader:

My boyfriend broke my heart and I want to kill myself. I invested all my life and time on this guy, now he is telling me that am not up to his level anymore, am too old for him, I might not have kids, and I am very ugly .I trained him in school and even dropped out, I sacrificed everything for him. Now am 38years and he wants to dump me. Who will marry me? How do I even start my life all over again.
My friends ask I go diabolical with him but am really scared .
Please what can I do?please don’t advise me to let go , let go and hold who ? My boobs are all sagged, abortions 9tines if not more, my body are all wrinkled because I gave him everything thinking it will end with forever .
Please I need solution, this is beyond pardon .