“Please help! He totally stopped caring about me”

"Please help! He totally stopped caring about me"

From a female blog reader:

I’am a fair beautiful lady 23years I am in a relationship not up to a year.when we started it was all fun and loving.i don’t ask my bf for anything because am just like that(not that am proud)he stays in Nigeria and outside the country.there was a particular time he came to Nigeria I was so eager to see him on my way I had a terrible accident that landed me in the hospital for like 4 months.he tried he’s best duo always coming and calling after I was discharged I just notice he changed.

He hardly call or text,I unfollowed him on ig because my bf does not have my time but he has time to comment on other girls pictures.i will message him maybe the third day he will reply.each time I complain he will just apologize he doesn’t check on me or ask if I want anything or I am fine despite the fact that he was the one I was going to see that very day and the truth is I am extremely loyal to this guy but his attitude is pissing me off,he makes me feel am wasting my time or am the one that wants a relationship at a point I stopped caring cus I had sleepless night now am tired of the relationship but the problem is I talk to his younger ones and they feel everything is fine should I just break up or play along till he’s back to he’s senses am so confused am tired of thinking.i need ur opinion