“Please help! He is in a relationship yet keeps asking me out”

"Please help! He is in a relationship yet keeps asking me out"

From a female blog reader:

I’m a 19yr old girl living with 2 roomies. We have a friend that takes us all out most times.He works,drives a car and he is very nice and handsome,he became our friend when he saw how intelligent we are. He only takes us out when he’s free &he has a gf in the UK that we all know and talk to when he calls her on our outing. One day,we all went to a restaurant and i said something really smart,that even some peeps that heard me say it smiled at me across their tables,and that was the day Aaron started liking me,that’s his name. Anytime he takes us out,he gives me more attention,smiles and talks more with me. The day he finally told me his mind after keeping quite for a long time,he sounded crazy,like he was losing his mind and i pitied him because he is a really nice guy believe me but i told him there is nothing i can do about it because of his gf in the UK. Now i’ve been avoiding him,he only takes Toyosi nd Subomi,my 2nd roomie out now, he calls me nd begs me that he is madly in love with me and subomi comes back telling me how he couldn’t stop talking about me. Even toyosi is now begging me to give him a chance,they are both begging me,they said he is losing his mind bcos of me but i don’t want to ruin his relationship with his gf,she knows me and she trusts us with her bf that’s why she never went against his friendship with us in the 1st place but i like him,honestly. I haven’t really had any good relationship bcos i have never really fallen in love(that’s the effect of sexual harassment @age 13) but i am in love with Aaron and i am kinda happy i now feel something for someone bcos i concluded something was wrong with my heart. I just don’t know what to do,and he doesn’t bcos he doesn’t wanna hurt his gf in as much as he loves me so much he just keeps saying he is in love with and he can’t explain it. I don’t wanna hurt his gf,i’m confused….pls real advice pls.