“Please help! Genotype wahala drove us apart”

"Please help! Genotype wahala drove us apart"

From a female blog reader:

Pls keep my I.d private I met this guy who stays abroad and he said he wants a wonderful relationship from me which it took me time to accept, he was a nice guy during the first yr of our relationship, he stays aboard but I stay down here. On January 2015 he made it official with my parents and his also.things were moving fine with our both and suddenly he started banking his money in my account which he said I shouldn’t touch and I kept the money intact. One day I decided to run a genotype test Which the results said I am AS.I sent him the pictures of the lab results and I was assured he was AA cos I saw that in his biography. So he decided to run his again that he knows it’s AA which he did and it turned out that he is A’S.he was shocked at the lab results and he sent it to me.which I became silence over the issues but he encouraged me that he is sure there’s a mistake somewhere that once he is back to Nigeria the both of us would run the test again .I became relieved .after a month,We had a misunderstanding an he requested me to send him his money back to his account over there I refused sending the money to him, he said that he cannot tolerate me cos I said he is mad for the first-ever ,, he stopped calling and carrying for me and on November he called and say he is no longer interested in the relationship…I couldn’t believe him till 5months passed….the only thing he does is to ask for his money and threaten to harm me which I had to inform his parents about it and they said I shouldn’t send him the money, but ever since I seem not to get over the shock..I still love him