“Please help! Every guy wants to have sex with me” – Lady laments

"Please help! Every guy wants to have sex with me" - Lady laments

From a female blog reader:

Hello I stumbled on ur page from another page please keep me anonymous.please I need ur readers help I am 26 years old and almost every guy I have ever met in my life wants to have sex with me..my male friends, my friends boyfriends and relatives, my boyfriend relatives and friends ,my brothers friends Co workers even my boss and his friends… please I dnt know what I’m doing to attract this kind of unwanted lust from these people.I dress normal infact my fashion sense is so simple.its very boring.I am not wild I do not party I am a worker in my church I look very homely. Is it that I’m cursed cause this issue has made me loose a lot of opportunities nd friendships even relationships. Most of my ex thinks i must have been seducing these guys I swear I’m not I dnt know what to do..I am so lonely and depressed I no longer have friends no boyfriend because they all say they can’t trust their boyfriends and friends around me cos those people wouldn’t let me be I recently left my job cos my boss and his friends frustrated my life with sexual advances I actually thought they were setting me up..ever since I can’t get another job because they all want to have sex with me before giving the job I swear I cry every time it’s so bad evn my Cousins will.always make advances at me at family gatherings my uncles… I Cnt evn talk and be close with my brothers cos If they tried to get with me too I knw I will.just kill my self..please is it that it’s spritual.. I don’t have a job no friends no boyfriend I’m so lonely and depressed even my aunties wnt let me come to their house no more because of their husbands please how do I stop it I don’t want it I just wanna live a normal life like every normal lady please help me. Please don’t insult me because I swr with everything I have I am not giving them green light once they see me they just with their lewd advances. I just want to get on with my life..