“Please help! Every guy I come across wants to sleep with me”

"Please help! Every guy I come across wants to sleep with me"

From a female blog reader:

May God continue to bless the brain/brains behind this page. My story is a bit long but I’ll keep it as short as possible. I’m just so tired of my life right now. I clocked 22 yesterday and I’m just tired of life. It’s like I’m cursed or something. Every male specie that I come across wants to sleep with me. In fact the only exception so far has been my dad and my brother. In my little time on this earth, I’ve slept with 7 men. 6 of them with my consent including my cousin and I was raped by one. I’ve made out with almost 20 men. I’m not sure any man will even want to marry me after all of this. It’s not like I’m one of those curvy, drop dead gorgeous kind of Lady or something. I’m pretty yes but I’m not the prettiest. I’m not curvy: in fact I’m slim. Ranging from my friends, to my lecturers in school, my boss, even my tutor(because I’m preparing for a professional exam). The only reason he accepted me as 1 of his students is so he can sleep with me. I have friends that are way sexier than me and are even virgins. I don’t understand my own kind of head. I’ve prayed but it keeps getting worse. I’m just so tired. I can’t even have a relationship because of this problem. I’m just so tired. Tired of living. Tired of compromising so I can live life. Is there anyone else that has gone through this? How did you survive? Please I need advice on what to do to stop them from seeing me as sex on legs. I don’t dress provocatively. In fact I can’t because I’m in the northern part of the country. I’m just so tired. I’m going crazy. I feel dead.