“Please help: Awkward situation between me and my best friend”

"Please help: Awkward situation between me and my best friend"

From a female blog reader:

Pls keep me anonymous. My bestie nd I have bn besties for 3 years. Nd we re very close he knws abt all my relationship nd I knw all abt he’s too we re sha very close. Let me fast forward to 2wks ago, he askd me to Pls come to his place for the weekend dat his stepmother nd her kids re coming for d weekend cos his parent re late so his stepmother has bn taking care of him nd dey re very close. He told me he can’t handle d kids alone (4 kids) dat I Shld Pls help him out. So I got dere Saturday, he’s step mom was dere nd her kids nd she was very nice nd we started takling nd all she was so nice nd free nd her children her adorable but very troublesome I can see y he asked me to help. Nd his stepmother also asked during our conversation if I am his gf. I said no o dat she Shld not worry dat we will bring wife for her soon meanwhile he just broke up with his gf. His stepmother nd siblings left Sunday evening nd we went to drop dem together. It was already late so I had to stay over den leave d next morning, later at night around 10. He came to the guest room where I was nd he came to thank me nd all. One thing lead to the other , I don’t knw how it happened we kissed nd we made out nd it was amazing but den awkward. No sex. We could not even talk to each other or even face each other I was in the bathroom for about 30mins until he left d room den I came out. D next morning I left as early as possible. We ve not spoken to eachoda since den. He has been calling me, I ve bn avoiding him, he even came to my store I told dem to tell him am not around. The thing is I really like him too, he has been dere for me nd am scared if things get serious (relationship) things might change btw us nd I don’t knw how to face him, HE’S MY BESTFRIEND. Nd if I face him I don’t knw wat to say or do.