Please help! Am I dating a married man unknowingly?

Please help! Am I dating a married man unknowingly?From a female blog reader:

Hii good day, have been following your page for some while now, ,here is my own story but please don’t publish my name, am a young girl of 24years ,with a son, I meet this girl who decided to wipe my tears and make me happy again, since 2015, he has been there for me even though we were far from each, he still have time for, I love him so does he love me same with my 6 years old son, he made me know that they are still good men out there, but around August last year,he started changing, he doesn’t check up on me like he used to do, if I call him he would tell me how busy he is, but there is something I noticed about him, each time we talk on phone, I normally hear a baby’s voice,and when I ask him, he would tell me that’s the brother’s child, we do meet each other once in two months, but whenever I go to meet him cos he stays in Lagos, he keeps me in a hotel, and when I ask him he would tell me his father is at home that it wouldn’t be right if he brings in a woman to the house, these has been going for a while, he called me one day and told me he needed some space, to think about his life when I ask him if I did anything wrong he said no, he stopped calling me, after some months a friend of his called me to tell me he has a serious girl he wants to marry and they are getting married soon, I couldn’t believe it, until early this year he called me to move on and that he has a wife he is about to get married, ,he said it was out of pity that he decided to date me cos of my past relationships, and that of my son, he said a lot of things that hurt me, until yesterday morning he called me to tell me he is getting married tomorrow (that’s today which is Saturday,) was still doubting till I saw it on his Instagram page, I still can’t believe it at all, this is someone that promise never to leave me or do anything to hurt me even after all I past through ,after my son’s father got married to another woman, leaving me to suffer, please m so sad and thinking other wise right now, please be I need your assistance your advice