Please help! A stranger is about to snatch my sister’s husband

Please help! A stranger is about to snatch my sister's husband

From a female blog reader:

Family,am the last born of 7children.My post is about my sister (the 2ndborn and my closest Sibling) she’s a young, very hardworking and beautiful lady but she has never been lucky with men.Her first marriage was a disaster,her husband of many years(had two kids together )swindled her and left her with nothing (packed furnitures,jewelries, everything in the house she got with her money even beat her)it was after the last and biggest scam she had to leave him but been the brokeass and 419er that he is she has been the one catering for the kids upkeep he doesn’t even call to checkup but my sister isnt moved cause she’s doing pretty well for herself(she bounced back). After 4years she met another guy but this new guy is a divorcee with 6kids,he is all round better than the previous guy and after 2years of dating they got married. My sister still didn’t relent in working hard as a matter of fact she’s the breadwinner of my family, after the wedding they had 2still birth so when she took in again she had to travel out for better health care but the husband is here with the kids(his kids and my sister’s kids stay with them), my niece and 2 househelps. The problem now is my sister has delivered but due to complications she had to wait a while longer,last 3weeks my niece(my other sister’s child) with the househelps told me a woman who DADDY claims is his partner comes home often to cook and sometimes sleep over,the funny thing is during a family party 3weeks ago I saw ds woman(I suspected she was the one the kids were talking about) hugging and being all nice and taking pictures of my niece and nephew. I asked them who she was and they said she’s daddy’s friend and she comes to their house even when their mom was home,Yesterday my older niece called me on phone and was crying that the whole situation is getting really scary and out of hand that d lady practically lives there .