“Please help! A BBM group is attempting to break my marriage”

"Please help! A BBM group is attempting to break my marriage"

From a female blog reader:

“I read every story you post and it has really helped me in my marriage. Well this is my problem.. My husband lied to me that he was going for an official training for a whole weekend (last weekend)in another state leaving me alone in the house with a young pregnancy..I got to find out that he actually went for a Bbm group party.

I am acting like I don’t know to avoid quarrel…please house, am I doing the right thing by pretending? Or should I confront him about it..because this Bbm group is almost destroying my new home. My Husband is always chatting with them, while eating, driving, in church even in bed.he claims they are all mature people in the group..How do I tackle this issue please?