Please advise! The only man I love can’t read and write

Please advise! The only man I love can't read and write

From a female blog reader:

You are doing a good job,may God bless you.Please keep me anonymous.I need advice please because i am in a confused state.I have never been lucky with relationhips but i have been dating this guy for four years now but i am not enjoying it,although he is a nice guy but he can’t read and write and that breaks my heart alot.I do virtually everything for him when it comes to that aspect and because of this he can’t get a job and i am left with the burden of taking care of him because he can’t get a reasonable job.I am a university graduate and i have tried all i can to help him but he is not evening willing to learn.When i want to end the relationship he will beg and beg and even threathen to harm himself if i leave him but i can’t remain like this forever and he is not talking about settling down anytime soon and i am 28yrs old already. Although i do not have anyone to go to if i leave him but i don’t love him again either.Please i need advice