“Please advise me. Should I dump him already?”

"Please advise me. Should I dump him already?"

From a female blog reader:

I’m a 23years old girl am done with school and am serving currently dating a guy of 26years I won’t lie I love him so much the relationship is getting to a year in few weeks time but his problem is he doesn’t call but he chats with me Alot on BBM and anytime I complain his reply wld be he isn’t the calling type I have tried all I can but he isn’t changing if when he tries to change he wld do it for a week and he wld stop.. he has made this statement twice “I’m not good enough for you” n if I break up he wld come back begging belive me he has never had sex with me but I know we kiss.. I’m so confused right now cause i don’t know if I shld just dump his silly ass cause I just feel he is joking with my feelings.. Pls guys help me out am so confused