“Please advise me on who to marry”

"Please advise me on who to marry"

From a male blog reader:

I am a 28yr old guy,an only child,nd i’m rich in my own little way.My parents have been pestering me to get married 4 a while now but most girls i’ve been with are gold diggers nd besides i haven’t really found love.I however made up my mind to get married @nothing more than 30yrs cos i really want a child too.2months ago,i met this 18yr old girl thru a friend,@1st i wasn’t interested in meeting her cos i don’t do minors but when i did,her maturity awed me.She talks nd reasons like a real adult.To cut the long story short i am in love now,something i have never felt for any girl but i haven’t asked her out yet.The things holding me back are quiet many:On many occasions,she has tld me she can’t get married until she’s done with school &she’s in 100lvl,she also told me she doesn’t like being in a relatnshp with someone that’s very much older than her(nd i’m 10yrs older),i can’t even imagine taking her home as my gf(my parents wldn’t like me dating a teenager no matter her maturity),my friends keep saying “no matter how matured she is,sometimes her 18yr old self is bound to surface”.I don’t know what to do.i wanna get married in 2yrs nd this girl can never be ready by then,i don’t wanna use my own to disturb her focus.I take her out on my free days nd all i can think about is being able to call her my woman,i’m crazy about her,she even makes me happy. Should i just man up and ask her out or just forget about her since my chances of getting married to her are small. Pls advise me pple …thanks