“Please advise me. I think my new man is too childish”

"Please advise me. I think my new man is too childish"

From a female blog reader:

Help me rate this new guy please I think he will make a very petty bf and stingy man.
I met him online and we have been talking and gisting, we got into each other,exchanged pictures and got deeper so we decided to meet .
I went to his house and I noticed some very irritating things he does .
This guy will on the television and put the channel in foot ball and will not consider me as his guest,even when he went to have his bath and I changed the channel to watch my telemondo he rushed out with soap in his body telling me to change it that he is hearing it in the bath room, I felt he was joking not until he took the remote control from me changed channel.
In his car he will be listening to Igbo music, if I beg him to change it he will say no that I should get use to what he likes,even when I want to jokingly change it, the way he will get very aggressive and push my hand is very annoying .
Another one is his sleeping habit,putting his legs ontop of me and turning carelessly at night if I try to remove his leg he will roll and push me off the bed. I don’t know if that is deliberate or not .
I spent a week in his house and it was not funny at all, the guy is all shade of petty.
Do you all think I should continue or just break off, since we are just starting?
He is nice and all that, gives me money when I ask, he even gave me 100k while I was going back and paid my flight ticket, anyways I worked for it. 1 week of riding him was not easy too. Lol.
Please you all should advise me,I feel he is childish and not mature enough .