Peter Obi: Zuckerberg and Bill Gates would have failed if they were Nigerians

Peter Obi: Zuckerberg and Bill Gates would have failed if they were Nigerians

Former governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, suggested that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as well as Microsoft money bag Bill Gates wouldn’t have made it in life had they been born in Nigeria.  Obi says this is due to kind of leadership and business environment the country offers.

Speaking during the annual Independence Day programme organized by Pastor Poju Oyemade’s Covenant Christian Center in Lagos on October 1 2016, Obi said:

“You cannot do anything and succeed if you have the kind of leadership that this country has experienced in several years.

“People are talking about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, let me tell you the truth, if any of them were here, he won’t succeed. Quote me anywhere. I have gone to the best schools. I went to Oxford, Cambridge, and I can tell you this confidently.

“Have you seen anybody in this country who walked into the bank and was given money based on intellectual capital?

“They will ask you to bring your grandmother’s house, your father’s old house… A bank gave Bill Gates $1 million. Go and read the history of Microsoft. Steve Jobs and his friend were given $2 million. Who would have given them such kind of money here? Nobody.

“The government will not support you, if you invent anything here, the government will not patronise you, they will prefer to relate with a white man.”

Speaking on his activities as Anambra State governor, the businessman cum politician explained:
“Anambra remains the most financially-stable state in this country. On 17th of March, 2014, when I left government, I left $155.4 million.

“I left $60 million and N7 billion in Access bank; I left $55 million and N10 billion in Fidelity Bank; and $60 million in Diamond Bank. The total amount I left was $155.4 million.

“If anybody doubts me, call me. I know where the money is. I kept it.

“I usually tell people to question their commitment. We vote in people who don’t have any car or house, but six months later they invite us for house warming. They tell us of their new cars. Instead of us to report them to the police, we will be busy dancing.

“Everyone is guilty of this. I have been in a church where a man stole money, and the bishop said wherever he got it from, may it multiply, but the man is a thief, so he should be arrested. It cannot multiply because he is stealing our money.

“Ask your local government what he does with the money he gets, ask questions. If they said they build roads, go and check. Take back your country.”

 Watch the speech: