PDP Senator Reacts To Allegation That She Ordered Aide To Slap National Assembly Staff

The Senate Minority Whip, Biodun Olujimi, has in reaction to the report that she ordered an aide to slap a national assembly staff stated that the report is untrue.

The Senator in reaction to the news which went viral on Monday which held that she ordered her aide to slap a member of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria, PASAN, who in turn slapped her, for riding in the same elevator with her, stated that the viral report is all lies.

Reacting to the report on Tuesday evening, the Senator stated: “I went for a public hearing and I understood that there was another meeting upstairs so I got into a lift, yes it was a staff lift and I thought that everyone should be able in it and my security stood in front of me.”

“Some gentleman and women came in and were abusing asking why he will shield anybody, get out this is our lift. One of them just pushed him and then they had altercation, I just came out and told them that it was wrong and that is what happened.”

In reaction to a question posed on whether she asked her aide to slap the staff, Senator Olujimi replied, “could I have done that, is it possible? How can I ask anybody to slap? The boy came, and they brought him and I told him he should go because he knew that he didn’t do well.

“You didn’t do well because you were the one that slapped him. I didn’t even say a word all through because I stood at the back.

“It wasn’t my business, it was the business of the security man. Yes I was in the staff lift. But what says we can’t go in staff lift. When I see people standing outside in distinguished senators lift, I also tell them to come in because I believe that is the way it should be.

“How could I have slapped anybody at my age, and level. That is not possible.”