“Other men are coming for me. Should I get married or wait for my boyfriend?”

"Other men are coming for me. Should I get married or wait for my boyfriend?"From a female blog reader:

Good day everyone,Pls I need all the encouragement I can get from you all as this is about my future right now.i’m in my early 20’s and dating a 28yrs old doctor who’s everything and more.he’s a good man and loves me so much.when we started dating,things were good like we get to hang out,buys me stuffs and sends me money even when I don’t ask.Buy right now things are so so bad,anytime I visit I try to manage,when you see us outside,You might even envy us bcz I try to put things together and still smile and be happy even though I might be starving within..he’s a medical doctor and he’s planning on travelling to dubai so he’s seriously jacking and spending money both on exams and family and I totally understand.here’s my main issue.Lately,serious men have been coming my way,asin rich men who wanna get married to me but I’m confused,should I tell them I’m in a relationship or play along? Secondly,how difficult is settling down and getting a good paying job as a medical doctor who has passed (MOH) exams is in dubai? He’s freaking out as he’s processing his visa but I’ve been his pillar,I pray for him like there’s no tomorrow and I believe in God.during his b’day I indirectly asked him his wishes before his next birthday and one of them was settling down with me after my nysc or as soon as he gets settled.pls encourage me guys,It’s not easy at all,being faithful to someone who can’t really meet your needs and to crown it all,an unstable and long distance relationship.pls what’s your say,I’ll be reading comments.