Osinbajo should read Robert Greene’s 48 laws of power..lol

Osinbajo should read Robert Greene's 48 laws of power..lol

Nigerians are always extremely interesting people. The level of intelligence and diversity they bring to the table regarding matters is always intriguing.

The rumblings about the tremendous changes that have characterized the economy since the president went on medical leave have elicited varied comments from Nigerians.

The Presidency is now in the eye of opinions which feel that Osinbajo’s dexterity and panache ha brought and resulted into the results that are being seen and felt.

Thus many feel the Vice President may have taken a lot of shine from his principal, thus violating Robert Greene’s First Law of Power, which says, ‘Never outshine your master.’

Osinbajo’s success may have crated ripples of discomfort in some quarters.

On Monday, the presidency, speaking through Babafemi Ojudu, Buhari’s Special Adviser on Political Matters, reacted sharply to insinuations that Osinbajo may be out-performing the vacationing president. He described as ‘mischief makers’ those who, by their positions, held that the Acting President had done appreciably well in leading differently.

“There is nothing that has been done since the Vice-President started acting that is not something that started far back in the past.

“The same people who said we never had economic team, no policy, nothing, are the ones saying this. It is now that the policies we are implementing are maturing and they are seeing the result. It is not a question of one person being better than the other person.,” Ojudu said.

“These are mischief makers, those who do not wish this country well, who are always promoting crisis, who will not allow the people to benefit from this democracy. They are the ones promoting this kind of divisive tendencies,” he added for emphasis.

“He (Buhari) is more experienced, he has been in the game longer than the Vice-President and if there are major issues that he needs to take decision on, he could call on him and say ‘Sir, what do you think about this we are about to take decision on it? Do you have an opinion? That does not mean he is not in charge.”

Sam Ibeneme, an analyst, writes:
Perhaps, without knowing it, Acting President Osinbajo broke the first Law of Power. He had, for all practical purpose, taken some shine off his principal.
If anything, there is a very strong perception that, being erudite, he has brought more panache and energy to governance. His style appears to engender an environment for fertile discourse which reverberates in the, ‘We hear you loud and clear,’ posture.
He is seen as more accessible, demystifying the office of the President and reaching out more closely to the citizens. True, he mingled with the populace in ‘dreaded’ Niger Delta and even took a stroll at the International Airport in Lagos, personally investigating why services may be out-of-order.
Osinbajo broke the first Law of Power! And, it’s about who should take credit for a job well done.
His ‘failure’ provides a disturbing insight into the contradictions of power and the on-going power play in the presidency. It speaks of the many challenges that hold the country down and the impending battle to mobilize and win over Nigerians in the concerted effort to build a great nation.
Osinbajo’s ‘failure’ informs the greater need to demystify government and bring governance closer to the people.