This is the only reason why I can marry a poor man – singer, Tobi Grey

Nigerian singer, Tobi Grey, has in a recent interview opened up on her choice of man.

The Nigerian singer born Tobiloba Mariam Adeyemi, while speaking during a recent interview revealed that she has needs and can marry a poor man on some conditions.

The singer following the released of her latest single ‘Konibaje’ said:

“You know a rich man can be poor in knowledge and money is not something that people cannot have. Knowledge or let me say commonsense is something that is really hard to acquire. If he is poor in commonsense, then it’s a NO but if he is poor in money, it doesn’t mean he can’t be rich in money. So, of course I can marry a poor man if he is very rich in every other thing.”

She firther revealed that the most important part of her romantic relationship goes beyond sex, she added; “If the partners are not in it for a long term relationship, then the goal is a bit dicey. If it’s not for the long term, many people will choose sex and money because it’s temporal.

“But if it’s for the long term and you are planning to get married to this person, then love is the most important thing because the end of the day when everything fades, the only thing you will have left is the love and the friendship you started with. I learnt that from my parents. At the end of the day, love fades but friendship remains.

“I even think you are missing something; it should be love, friendship, sex or money. Friendship is the most important thing to me.”