Once bitten: actor Imeh Bishop takes to escorts

Once bitten: actor Imeh Bishop takes to escorts

Nollywood actor and comedian, Imeh Bishop has recruited armed policemen as part of his security detail.

 The actor, also known as Okon Lagos, took the decision after his encounter with men of easy virtue during his visit to Warri, Delta State. He  had been kidnapped briefly and stripped of all his valuables during the encounter.

  He took to social media to make the announcement:

”Hitting the road for 3rd service and thanking God for life. Momentarily abducted, released but robbed clean. I’m happy I’m alive and well. I’m happy that I am happy. It’s not a life I’m used to but situation has coerced me into moving with armed cops. No be posing. No be luxury. It’s extremely a necessity but in all of this, God is the ultimate protector and fortress. I’m just happy and grateful. Thanks my pipo dem for ur prayers and concern, Love u.”

 He has come under criticism from fans, who thought revealing his security status wasn’t exactly the best approach.