Olumba Olumba: Buhari will end recession next year

Olumba Olumba: Buhari will end recession next year

The leadership of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS) Worldwide has released a prophesy from the organization’s founder, Olumba Olumba Obu.

Although it is widely believed that Olumba Olumba is deceased, a statement allegedly released by the spiritualist on Tuesday 27 December 2016 suggested that Nigeria’s economic recession will come to an end in 2017.

According to the statement,

“If there is love there will be no recession; recession is a result of mismanagement of Nigeria’s resources by the leaders.

“Nigeria has abundant resources as a nation, but because leaders lack love with one another, they squander the collective wealth of the people.

“President Buhari will succeed in ending recession, if he continues with his current programs, including the fight against corruption among others.”