Olajumoke who? Mr. Nigeria features a real mad woman on his photoshoot

Olajumoke who? Mr. Nigeria features a real mad woman on his photoshoot

Remember last year when Olajumoke the famous bread seller became viral after she was caught by sheer coincidence in rapper Tinie Tempah’s photoshoot in Lagos? Well, here’s something that resembles that.

Mr. Nigeria International, Mathew Monday, narrated how a mentally challenged person actually featured in his photoshoot.

He wrote:

It’s was a beautiful afternoon i went on set. after changing up for the shoot I saw a strange woman Whom other people called mad woman, I felt pained in my heart and couldn’t stand to see how famished she was. dint even know what gave me the courage to approach her. At first I was scared for her not to rush me but when I got closer to her she calm down immediately Then I sat close to her even tho I was still scared.  So I asked her if she had eaten anything she dint answer me she was just staring At me.

I gave her some money she refused to collect it but she later did and put the money on her toe. then I told her to go get something to eat but she still dint answer she was just staring At me. I had to stand up for my shoot and said to her ‘I am going for a shoot I would see you before going home’ Immediately she stood up and followed me.

I was surprised but that was the time I understood the purpose of this lady. I had to feature her on the shoot. before I left the location i saw this beautiful lady she was stronger and more better. she almost cried cause I was leaving. Maybe she had not gotten the chance to sit with anybody for years talkless of to be cared for.

I want to use this opportunity to tell you today that you shouldn’t miss the chance to make people happy. Go out and dispense hope, love and joy. Be a light to the world.