Obasanjo: It’s not Buhari’s job to stop Fulani herdsmen attacks

Obasanjo: It's not Buhari's job to stop Fulani herdsmen attacks

Former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo has spoken on herdsmen-farmers attacks in the country which has claimed over 1000 lives this year alone.

Obasanjo, speaking at the 23rd Annual LAPO Development Forum today, noted that President Muhammadu Buhari who himself owns a ranch of cows, is not responsible for Fulani herdsmen causing violence around the country.

His words:

“Some of the words that have been coming from our leaders, particularly from state governors are not helpful! This issue is not a federal issue and another thing, I don’t like about it is that when you talk of Fulani herdsmen, people talk of the President.

“Now because the President of Nigeria is a Fulani man, you expect him to solve the problem immediately, that is not his job. And when people make comments like this, it annoys me.

“I need to state that it is the responsibility of local governments to take care of them. Now, states should have even done better, but they haven’t, and then when you have cattle rustling, herdsmen and farmers conflict, you try to make it a national issue. It is not really a national issue.

“For me, the herdsmen are entitled be able to look after their animals but they are not entitled to destroy the crops of the rural farmers, it is unacceptable.”