OAP Adenike Oyetunde Warns Against Using Her Photos For Disability Campaigns

Nigerian OAP and Info FM staff, Adenike Oyetunde, has taken to her social media page to issue a stern warning to those using her photos for disability campaigns without seeking her consent.

OAP Adenike Oyetunde Warns Against Using Her Photos For Disability Campaigns

The Nigerian OAP also used the opportunity to reiterate the fact that she is a lawyer and thus knows her rights within the confines of the Nigerian law adding that she will sue anyone found using her image without proper consent.

Adenike Oyetunde in her Instagram message which served as a warning said:

“Story time!!! I got to work this beautiful Tuesday morning, sometime in December 2017, excited (at least on that day). Then, Nelly, my co-anchor casually mentioned that she wanted to show me something. She then hands me a Bronchure on a campaign and I simply looked through the pages.

Well, until I saw this image -that @olanrewaju_v and @kasamyrrh own rights to. Photographer and make up artist-, in one corner, somewhere on the middle page. 😲😩 (Oh, I forgot to mention that earlier that day, around 7am, I got a call from someone, inviting me to an event, and I clearly stated I couldn’t make it, as it was short notice.) I was first confused, then angry and I knew I needed to FIGHT it. I’ll skip a lot of the things that happened.

Eventually got @bimbolafak of @fakeyechambers in on what as happening and the letter to them came.

I wasn’t ready to sue anyone, or demand money; I needed them to know I knew what was right.

I got an apology yesterday and that was all I needed, at least, on this matter.


1) Don’t EVER use my image on your project, without first getting approval; don’t. It’s a new year!!! Be warned…

2) The fact that whatever it is, might even have to do with disability, gives you NO right to even do it. I don’t jump on EVERY project 🙄

3) Be honest with people. Imagine, I found out the 7am call, was from a member of the team. How ludicrous. And they kept passing the buck. Be RESPONSIBLE.

4) Whoever convenes, heads, organises events or projects, MUST, take full responsibility

5) STOP using peoples names, logos, images; this year, you will PAY. Stop using my own 🙃

6) It’s one project at a time. We’ll get to you all, gradually. Order must come, one day at a time.

7) That I smile, doesn’t mean, I’m a FOOL

8) Don’t forget I was called to bar almost ten years ago, well, like eight years now; or is it nine…whatever, you get the point.

9) Learn about Intellectual Property rights… Be smart, don’t shut your projects/campaigns down by YOURSELF. Learn to do things the RIGHT way.

10) I let an apology this time, the next one, I’ll sue your behind and you’ll pay for it.”