“Nowadays men would rather spend money on their girlfriends than take care of their wives”

"Nowadays men would rather spend money on their girlfriends than take care of their wives"
The piece you’re about to read was written by my Facebook friend, Angel Clement (pictured). I think she has a point; So dearies, read it and drop your comments let’s hear:


The world has changed! But ideals still remain despite the changing nature of men. Sometimes tears wall my eyes when I see men displaying their duties on other girls around instead of on their wives. Most men are ready to spend N25,000.00 or more on girl friends out there; but hardly will you see them do so at their homes. Many men take their girlfriends out for sightseeing, for swimming and for parties, making these girls feel loved, cared for and more important than any other girl around; but couldn’t do so to their wives. As a man, your wife is your lot! She is your gold, your heart beat and your strength. She should feel your care most, she should experience your love most, she should be raised above other ladies, respected, supported and honoured. Her feelings count most. If there is anyone that should be taken to swimming and sightseeing, it is she! Why? Because she’s your missing rib that you’ve luckily found after many years of year trial and error searching . I didn’t say a man shouldn’t be generous. Of course he should! But your generosity should start with your wife, kids, relatives before friends and well wishers. Why must a man care for his wife? Because she is the only one who wouldn’t abandon you when you are broke, ill, frustrated and confused. When the world turns against you, when life messes you up, when fate looks cloudy, when hope meets hopelessness, when faith makes faithlessness, when destiny drags longer than necessary, when life meets its ruin and when those you call your pals have found their ways…just see how man ends! When a man’s bones now beg for flesh, when his strength fails him, when his vision grows gloomy and hope for tomorrow is left to fate to decision…at this time, only your found rib can stand the shock of times, only she can shed sincere tears, only she can come where her husband’s bones are lying, awaiting the call of nature. Friends of a man will only mourn him for days, the relatives of a man will only mourn him for weeks, the kids of a man will only mourn him for years but a man’s wife mourns him forever. Does she not deserve the best? Does she not deserve a good hug? Does she not deserve to be raised up so that she can feel the goodness of flying without a wing?