No Niger Delta Republic or Biafra, only one Nigeria – GEJ

No Niger Delta Republic or Biafra, only one Nigeria - GEJ

After his closed-door meeting with president Muhammadu Buhari today (pictured), former Nigeria president Goodluck Jonathan today discussed the need for the country to remain united.

His words:

“It’s not just about me but about all the traditional rulers, elders and opinion leaders that are of the Ijaw ethnic nationality. We have been in touch to see that peace reigns in the country.

“Those of you that have followed my talks when I was here, my emphasis is that we needa united Nigeria and I always emphasize that Nigeria is great not just about the oil, so manycountries produces more oil than Nigeria and nobody notices them.

“We are great because of our size, the human resources we have, the diversity we have, if we fragmentize the country into small components, we will be forgotten by the world.

“That has been my focal position and without peace there cannot be development anywhere in the world. We are all working collectively to see that issues are resolved.”

When asked about how Buhari’s anti-corruption fight is affecting him, Goodluck replied:

“I don’t want to talk about that one because there are too many cases that are in court, it will not be fair to make comments. I will talk at the appropriate time when most of these things are resolved.”