Nnamdi Kanu explodes in court, slams Justice Binta saying "Buhari can't intimidate me"

Nnamdi Kanu explodes in court, slams Justice Binta saying "Buhari can't intimidate me"

Biafra agitator Nnamdi Kanu exploded from the accused box during his trail at a Federal High Court in Abuja today. Kanu who is facing treason charges filed by the Federal Government barked against the introduction of secret trial in his case by presiding judge, Justice Binta Nyako.
According to eyewitness Chinwe Korie,

The trial Judge was quick to rule that there would be a secret trial of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra; a move that opposes natural justice let alone ethics of the Court.

The unconcerned Judge that looked like she is only quoting what was given to her said “I hereby rule that mask witnesses will testify; we shall provide special route for entrances and exit for the witnesses. I also state that from now to Thursday this week, the counsels should come to Court and see how the secret trial works”

Then suddenly; Nnamdi Kanu exploded from the witness box; a visibly angry gentleman, surprised at the level of the injustice against Biafrans. He did not hesitate to speak to the face of the trial Judge “This is injustice; Buhari said he will not grant me bail and now the judge is talking about secret trial; this is injustice and I will not subject to it.”

The whole Court was already tensed; there was accompanying wave of rejection in the air; while the people of Biafra cast their doubt in Nigerian Court, the Judge has already done the deed. The ruling will definitely come with a price; as the end of legal justice is nowhere close.

Outside the Court; Biafrans are already shouting that they won’t accept secret trial of their leader but are being calmed down by fellow compatriots.  There is indeed a plot to sentence Nnamdi Kanu and that plot must be vehemently opposed by Biafrans.