Nigeria’s Basketball Team Frowns At Buhari’s 600k Gift – See Why

Nigeria's Basketball Team Frowns At Buhari's 600k Gift - See Why

The national basketball team players have expressed shock and great disappointment over the N600k Pres. Buhari gave each of them last week in Abuja. One of the players, who spoke with The PUNCH, allegedly said: “Do you know that it’s less than $2,000 at the current market value? .

Is that what you are giving to NBA players for winning a competition for the first time in the history of Nigeria? If Senegal, whose women’s team have won the African cup several times, could still give blocks of flats to their players, what then are we saying when we give such an amount to our players?

We would have preferred to be honoured in other ways like getting the least of the national honours or a postage stamp with our photo. That would have been better than for us to get half of what young footballers from age grade competitions, who should have been given scholarships, got.”

The player also complained that those who advised the President were responsible for the poor state of sports in Nigeria as they always gave too much preference to footballers, saying: “We got $100 as camp allowance and $500 as bonus for winning the African cup whereas the Eagles got $10,000 for winning a qualifying match to a tournament.