Nigerian Twitter User Swindles Several Users This Christmas

A social media user identified as Ayodeji Adeniji has reportedly swindled several Nigerians on social media after taking to the social media platform to request for help staying that he (under a female’s identity) recently lost his job.

The tweets initiated by the Nigerian con artiste in hours garnered several retweets with several Nigerians offering their little into the bank account details provided by the con artiste.

However the game went foul after a social media user spotted foul play and raised an alarm which subsequently revealed the identity of the con artiste as a social media user who had a spat with a lady earlier in the year over a date wherein he requested that the sum of N5,000 which he spent be refunded by the lady.

Ayodeji Adeniji who was behind the social media handle @nuellaa_ag  which was used to solicit the support however took to his original page to admit to his crimes promising a refund of all cash transfers made into the account.

Additionally, he offered apologies to his siblings whose accounts was used in the fraudulent act.

Adeniji, 21, wrote: “So I take responsibility for scamming people on the TL. Nothing I say will justify what i did. But mans was really broke and that seemed like my last resort. I’ll still be dealt with so this is not a get out jail card.”

Nigerian Twitter User Swindles Several Users This Christmas