Niger Delta militants blow another oil pipeline despite military’s Operation Crocodile Smile

Niger Delta militants blow another oil pipeline despite military's Operation Crocodile Smile
A militant group which gave its name as the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Movement (NDGJM) is laying claim to the bombing of an oil pipeline running between Ogor and Oteri facilities of the Nigeria Petroleum Development Company and Shorelines Petroleum in Delta State today.

The militants said in a statement signed by spokesman Aldo Agbalaja that it carried out the attack at about 3AM on Tuesday 30 August 2016, through its Uproot Team B Following Federal Government’s launching of “Operation Crocodile Tears” to supposedly “worsen the Niger Delta crisis.”

The statement read:

“Recent developments around our region, especially as it concerns the issue of justice and our inalienable right to protect our heritage, have proven us right all along. Now it has become clearer who is serious about getting justice for our people and who has been using the name of the region and the destinies of all our peoples to feather their nests, raising dusts merely to harass the Nigerian state and the oil multinationals into parting with money.

“Although some selfish machinery, merely put together to achieve some pecuniary ends, has been parading in the name of the peoples of the Niger Delta, the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate will not be derailed on its mission to getting justice for the people.”