Ngige: Militants didn’t start bombing pipelines during Buhari’s regime

Ngige: Militants didn't start bombing pipelines during Buhari's regime

Minister of Labour Chris Nwabueze Ngige has berated suggestions that some comments made in the media by Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari caused the renewed militant activities in the Niger Delta region.

Ngige addressing journalists in Awka on Monday said:

“Nigerians have positively changed their way of doing things for the better and have become more prudent and judicious in their spending pattern.

“It’s one after the other. After economic restructuring to reposition the economy of this country, the Buhari administration will embark on the political restructuring and will set the modalities for the exercise.

“Militancy and agitations are not the answer to resolving Nigeria’s myriads of problems, which the Buhari administration didn’t create in the first place.

“What is required is for all to support this administration to meet its set goals for the development and transformation of all sections of the country.”