New version of story on UNIZIK student rape/death saga surfaces

New version of story on UNIZIK student rape/death saga surfaces

A new report I’m getting from a trusted source in Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK), Awka is suggesting a different (although not entirely different) version of Modestus Mmuo, the guy who jumped to death from a female hostel after he reportedly tried to rape a female student.

Here’s what the source told

The Hoax About A Rape In Unizik Gone Wrong.

It is disheartening that someone who is in Lagos or Borno will be spreading wrong information and destroying innocent people’s name.

The truth about the story is that, he wanted to do it with her(his girlfriend) in management science(where students jack) but security was too tight. So they decided to use her room in the female hostel.

He enter the female hostel as was invited by the said girlfriend.
He misplaced the room number giving to him and entered a wrong room and the inmate(obviously another girl) in that room screamed thinking he was there to rape her.

(All rooms look alike and most times people misplace their room.
Those who lived in school hostel can attest to that.)

As she screamed, the security started chasing him and out of maybe fear he jumped.

This is someone’s son, brother, friend. Did you ever thought how they are feeling?
Unfortunately for you guys who thought he will never make it, he’s actually fine. God has shamed you.