Never wait for a broke guy. He’d change once he’s rich – lady advises other females

Never wait for a broke guy. He'd change once he's rich - lady advises other females

From a female blog reader:

After watching the video of joro I decided to share my experience with this so called moderate and normal guys.
You see all this foolish boys acting humble and nice, it is just because they have not seen money and still very hungry and broke that is why they are acting all nice.
As classy as I was then, I will be jumping bus from the island to the mainland to go and see one stupid banker, sometimes I will be in hold up for hours and my make up would have been messed up, even when u get to his house, no light. I will have to go and bath in a public bathroom and he will now f..k me under the hot weather , I will still cook for him and f..k him again before I finally go home under the same stress and hold up. Sometimes I jump bike and I almost got myself killed one day.
This guy was all nice and promising heaven and earth, until he did one yahoo job and hammered cool cash.
This guy changed, moved to the island and we hardly even see. All he does is give me silly excuses, he was busy carrying gals up and down enjoying his life until he finally got married and relocated from Lagos. Guess who he married, a very popular Lagos big girl with levels .
After swearing for him I had to move and and I learnt my lesson .
Ladies please don’t let all this broke guys brain wash you, it is very ok to have a standard and belong to a class.
Go to the right places and u will meet ur type .
Poor and broke men are the worst set of people to mingle with, they are destiny killers and blood sucking demons. Please it is better you even work hard and be independent than settle with a broke guy. They call themselves broke I call them lazy . Please don’t let them deceive u.
If you want to know the real attitude of a man, give him money . Thanks .
I know all the broke poor guys will flood the comment box to defend them broke poor lazy ass.