NCC seals Nokia office in Lagos over license

NCC seals Nokia office in Lagos over license
The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) said Wednesday that it has shut down the operating office of Nokia-Alcatel located at Lekki, Lagos State. The commission says that the Nokia lacks a category ‘A’   license which is required for the kind of business the company carries out and will have to pay the sum of N2m in total fines and dues for release of the office.

NCC head of enforcement, Salisu Abdul, in a statement released on 7 September 2016, said:

“It is criminal for any service provider to operate in the country without license. We have sealed the office until they comply. We have to charge them based on the number of years they have operated without license. We will use our discretion to charge them.

“The NCC is the sole regulator of the telecom sector in Nigeria and one of our functions is the issuance of telecom licenses. In one of our monitoring activities, we discovered that Nokia-Alcatel has not obtained the required authorization to operate their services in this country.

“As a matter of fairness and transparency, we decided to pay them a visit. We however discovered that they only applied for license about three months back and are yet to complete the process for the license. Basically, we have decided to seal off the premises of Nokia until they obtain the requisite authorization.

“The license is barely two million naira to obtain. We have sealed off the premises and we will not open it till they comply. The penalty is dependent on the number of years they’ve been on ground. We might have to levy a fine against Nokia before unsealing the premises.

“The license fee is two million naira. We all know that Nokia has been in this country for a long period of time and for any entity to provide a telecommunications service in this country, they ought to have consulted the NCC to obtain the requisite license. Nokia is involved in equipment manufacturing, supply and installation. What they ought to have obtained from the NCC is Sales and Installation license.”