“My wife’s younger sister wants to put me in trouble”

"My wife's younger sister wants to put me in trouble"

From a male blog reader:

.My wife is in the UK doing a 1yr course.I’m a sex person nd i begged her not to go but she did anyway so sometimes i help myself out,you know what i mean but that’s not even the issue here.The issue is that i asked my friend to hook me up with a girl nd surprisingly,the girl he wants me to be fucking happens to be my wife’s 17yr old sister.This is a girl that gets everything she wants oo,money+gadgets+lots of care cos she’s the last born so i dnt know what she’s doing in the company of married men,infact men @all.

I personally send her nothing less than 10k whenever she asks me for money,everyone spoils her cos she’s brilliant,yes very brilliant.My friend said he met her on instagram nd fucked her the 1st day he met her in person and she lied she was 21,he didn’t know she was that young.

She’s begging me not to tell my wife nd i pity her too cos my wife doesn’t have a chill pill,she’s doomed the moment i tell her(my wife),besides i don’t know how to chastise someone else’s siblings,just my own nd this girl really needs iron hand here nd i feel its her sister’s duty alone to discipline her in the right way. She’s been begging me seriously nd i’m kinda having a rethink,so pple what’s your own view?

NB:i can defend myself if my wife asks me why i was looking for a chick in the first place,so pls dnt lecture or advice me on that. I’ll read comments,thanks