“My wife is driving me insane and I suspect that she’s cheating”

"My wife is driving me insane and I suspect that she's cheating"
From a male blog reader:

 I trust all your judgement that is why am bringing my matter here which I don’t do.

Please I don’t want to seem like an insecure husband or a nagging man so I will open up and read all your opinions.

I have caught my wife on several occasions carrying tissues, wipes and condom in her hand bag to work and when ever she is going out, we don’t use condom at home so how come she carries it around,the response she gave me was that she shares it in her office to young girls and boys for safe sex, but she carries like 2 or 3 piece not like a carton or something and when she gets back you won’t find it in her bag. I treated infection last 2 months but I never suspected my wife because I cheated on her so I felt it was the lady I cheated with. But recently I have been very uncomfortable with this condom she carries around. Am loosing all the trust I have for her because I even feel irritated touching her because a lot of crazy thing run through my mind.

Please do I over look this? Because am a quite person and I hate to fight or quarrel. If she is cheating how do I confront her ?Thanks God bless