My wife blamed her “spiritual husband” each time I caught her cheating

My wife blamed her "spiritual husband" each time I caught her cheating

From a male blog reader:

I have caught my wife cheating 3times and I forgave her for the sake of our kids but she keeps doing it and blaming it on spiritual husband .
To my own understanding spiritual husband is suppose to be in your dream and remain in your dream, but my wife sleeps with different young guys and bring them to our home . Am not small, my dick size is very moderate and I do my best to satisfy her but she keeps cheating and allowing me to catch her.
This last one was with a very small boy of about 20years, she had the guts to bring him into our home even when the kids are at home, she shamelessly was screaming so loud before I came.
I can divorce her quickly, but I need to be sure she does not have a spiritual problem . I love my wife. I need different opinions pls.