“My so called ex-boyfriend wants me back after I got the man of my dreams”

"My so called ex-boyfriend wants me back after I got the man of my dreams"

From a female blog reader:

So I used I dated this guy that I liked so much for about 2 months and I thought the feelings were mutual. In the course of the relationship I heard he was dating some other girl. I asked him about it and he flat out denied it. He claimed they were just friends. When i couldn’t take it anymore I took his i read chat with the babe and saw a lot of love chats exchanged. He also didn’t have my time in the 2 months we were supposedly together. Always had an excuse…either it’s work or something. I called him more than he called me. And he rarely even picked my calls. If he needs to have his friends over, i need to disappear. Cos they must not see me. He claimed he was trying to protect me. Anyway, to cut the long story short….I dealt with a lot with him and one day I made a decision to leave him. I sent him a message and didn’t even bother about his response. A month after, I met a wonderful man and we started dating. 4 months after I was engaged and I’m sooooooooo happy and I thank God EVERYDAY for bringing me this man cos I feel like God wanted to compensate me for whatever good thing I must have done. A couple of weeks ago, my so-called ex sends me a message after like 6 months of silence to say how much he misses me, he loves me ….never loced anyone like he loves me and that he wants to see me and he doesn’t believe we have broken up and bla bla bla….see devil o! Please help me find a better response for the guy!
Thank you!