My so called boyfriend is full of drama – lady laments

My so called boyfriend is full of drama - lady laments

From a female blog reader:

I’ve been dating a guy who is one year younger than I am but that’s not an issue.the issue is that before I got into the relationship,all my friends discouraged me cos everyone classifies him as a boy but I just liked him too much to listen.We used to be friends in high school but we just stopped talking and then hr surfaced on my whatsapp,got talking again and asked me out-i accepted. He started acting strange all of a sudden (it was long distance).He then apologised for acting strange then we started over.

All of a sudden,he started again,he asked for nudes I refused,he ignored my messages and insulted on social media and then I broke up with him but he kept in touch somehow and I never stopped liking him.He eventually met me at an event a month later and talked to me,apologised and asked that we start over,I thought about it and agreed and everything has been going well(it’s been three weeks).

I’m just scared that everything will repeat itself again cos I can’t figure out why he came back to me begging after all the insults.I’m just scared cos I went through a lot the last time.Pls I need serious advice,thanks in advance.