My own daughter calls another man “daddy”, heartbroken man cries out

My own daughter calls another man "daddy", heartbroken man cries out

From a male blog reader:

Please post this ASAP Admin, and keep my identity hidden
When I was in the university (UNN), I had this side chick, she was the only girl in her kindred in Nsukka then, that has not given birth out of wedlock, so due to that, her people was forcing her to get married to the nearest suitor. She doesn’t like the suitor and doesn’t want to get married yet, but the family were so determined that every weekend they will push her out of the house to go and spend the weekend in the man’s house. Instead she will spend the weekend in my house or at least spend Friday and Saturday in my house and Sunday in the man’s house.
On this Faithful weekend in november when she visited, she refused to have sex with me out of fear that she is in her ovulation period, but I persuaded her because I do use condom and all my life till then (2nd year) I had never had sex without condom. But on this particular day the condom broke, I noticed the the enjoyment increased but I didn’t know that it was as a result of the broken condom. I ended up releasing inside her.
When I resumed school the following year, I heard that the girl got married to that suitor b/c they found out she was pregnant “by him”, about 18 months latter I saw the girl with her Baby and the baby was exactly like me in resemblance, a friend I was with confirmed it too, when I asked the girl, she didn’t deny it. She avoided me since then (2003) till date.
Not that I can’t find her if I want to, but my question is should I go for my daughter or should I forget about her, my blood (daughter) for ever. B/c obviously if the truth isn’t handled well, it will ruin her marriage which I don’t want. But the truth is that, no matter what, I won’t forfeit my own blood forever. Advice and insults please (insults should come from those that never had sex in their university days)