My man says we can’t do court wedding, girl cries out

My man says we can't do court wedding, girl cries out

From a female blog reader:

Hello Admin, please help me post, I need to sample opinions and get some advice. Please don’t forget to conceal my details.
I met my man here on the comment section, he is in his thirties and very cool, good looking and all. He sent me a DM after a comment I made. We chatted and agreed to meet. I was single for a very long time before I met him here earlier this year which I also confessed to him. I liked him even before we met and I did not hesitate to tell him I liked him a lot. He exhibited so much maturity while we chatted and when I eventually visited him, he was cool, so we clicked and yes I gave him the cookie that day, his head game is A+, second to none, he could stay there for as long as. I was single and lonely for a long time so don’t judge me. I had in the past dated a man for 11 months before we made love and he started misbehaving immediately after I gave in so personally I don’t believe giving in late or early in a relationship determines the life span of the relationship.
My man proposed to me on Friday night, I was so excited and happy, it was like a dream. I love him so much and I am happy he loves me too. My problem now is, he said while we were discussing yesterday that he wants to do low key trad and then white wedding but would not do court wedding. I don’t feel comfortable with this. I prefer a court wedding even to the white wedding, I explained to him and he has insisted, please family, what’s your take on this? He has started making enquiries and arrangement for the wedding and all, we are going to see my parents this week and the bride price will be paid in two weeks time. How do I convince him without appearing disrespectful and stubborn?
His phone was stolen last week so he is offline now and won’t be getting a new until month end