“My man insults the hell out of me each time we quarrel”

"My man insults the hell out of me each time we quarrel"
From a female blog reader:

Pls I need the viewers advice/opinion on this issue… Hv been dating my man fr 6yrs nw, we love n respect each other buh ryt nw respect is kind of Lacking in our relationship his just 2yrs older Dan me, buh since last year d relationship has bin getting kind of annoying d disrespect (each time we hv issues) its gettn too much mostimes wen we hv a misunderstanding he just says m tlkn rubbish or bullshits, and out of regard n respect I hv fr him I dnt reply such I just tell him such a word is bad dat he shud stop it buh no he never stops…….. D lastime I tried telln him likewise he said we are not d same cux his a man or d man rather dat am nt supposed to tell him such, wen his nt yet married to me o, Imagine I find that very disrespectful….. Ino sum Yorba demon wee Coman say it’s a man’s world…. Ko ni dafun man’s world oshi
My question is it disrespectful for a girl to reply same bad word to her spouse “in a relationship” wen he insults her????