My man doesn’t respect me, I’m tired – woman laments

My man doesn't respect me, I'm tired - woman laments

From a female blog reader:

Thanks in advance. I met my husband in school 2yrs ago and started dating officially one week before Christmas, we had our first sex and it was UN protective. Few wks later, I got pregnant, told him about it and he said he wasn’t ready to be a father nd stuffs.. He tried all he could to make me abort the baby but I told him I want the child whether he’s ready or not. Luckily for me, I got in contact with his mom nd she invited me over to the house. She told me to leave the baby and that she’ll talk senses into his head. Not too long, he came with his FAM to my house for a mini introduction nd his mom told me I’ll have to move in with them asap cos she can’t watch me sleeping outside with her grandchild bla bla bla. My son is almost 1yr and before God and man he loves his son sooooo much nd he has always been a good father to him, but now my problem is he doesn’t have respect for me at all…its not even up to 10% and it makes me sick.

He keeps malice with me most times he sees me mood and we’ll be there 2/3 days without talking to each other. We’ve always been like that on nd off, he keeps reminding about how I ruined his life with one yeye pregnancy nd glory be to God I have my son nd he’s almost 1yr now. He’s talks to me anyhow in front of anybody nd he doesn’t care where if hits me in my body, sometimes after an argument or a fight, maybe I just want to be left alone nd all, he’ll ignore me too nd I’ll av to be the one to beg him just because I don’t want to lose him nd for the sake of his son. There was a time he told me to pack my things and leave his house cos I was rude to his dad, we’ve not even moved to our own house nd things are already like this. I’ve given up on him several times and I still see myself going bck to him. There was even a time I had to leave d house to my sis place with my son just because I want peace with my life. Please I need u guys to advice