My man changed all of a sudden, girl cries out

My man changed all of a sudden, girl cries outFrom a female blog reader:

I wish to remain anonymous met my BF on social media we got dating for months now 6month to be precise we met weeks after he asked me out that was my first n only time I went over cause he’s not in lag. During my visit I noticed some annoying kinda chats in his phone which he claims means nothing to him I know I wasn’t supposed to do that but had to, just to know my stand in his life I saw him to be a big flirt after going through his texts we argued,Quarreld n sometimes laughed about it but he still claims I’m his only which I had too much doubts about and spoke to him about too. After I got back days went by he changed all of a sudden stopped calling,texting n all and even when I call he’s out,busy or sleeping gonna call back which he never did days went by again we got cool even better though we had ups and down quarrel n settling to cut it short I just found out I’m pregnant I swear to God it his I’ve been nothing but loyal and faithful to him even when the fight n quarrel got too much I couldn’t deal with thinking I was just being used but I still stayed when he messes up I always gt him back on his feet with my words of encouragement n my Advice too + everyday prayers I send to him but he doesn’t believe it his says I’m a joker simply cuz we was supposed to meet a day b4 he traveled back outa the country where he’s fully based though promised to be back in three month time n I told him I was on my period if he could postpone his traveling but he didn’t he left angrily without seeing me tho called to tell me n still called when he got there which we fought about but settled too been cool ever since but now he’s not even bothered about seeing or to even ask for my scan results,test result then try make me understand he’s not ready yet that, I’ll definitely understand all he did was abandon me no calls no texts no more like he doesn’t care this morning I angrily sent a screenshot text of me telling my x about it cuz I’ve no option but to keep or I’ll die aborting which I’ve been warned by pastors who sees vision n my mum’s dreams too my x begged I keep the child if my BF isn’t saying anything about me n my baby n not abort and loose my life