“My lover looks unready and people are coming for my hand in marriage”

"My lover looks unready and people are coming for my hand in marriage"

From a female blog reader:

Hello, pls keep me anonymous
I have only bin in 2 relationship all my life, i am 24, tho i and the second guy has not break up but due to distance things aren’t working well at all now am done with school building my own brand other guys have bin coming around for my hands in marriage, but the thing is I love my second so much, but he doesn’t call nor text, i am always the one doing all the calling and texting but he kept on saying he loves me and will never trade me for anything in this world, i have bin waiting for him more than a year now, hoping he will change but he hasn’t change. Tho we use to plan our future together anytime I message him but the thing now is, I sent him a message last week that am patiently waiting for him hope it will all be worth it and he replied me not to wait for him that he might not be the one God destined for me but have prayed about it I have a conviction that is the one and at the end of the message he put he loves me much there, I don’t know what to do and I have a doctor disturbing me for marriage now but I don’t love him at all am just thinking if I should marry him for getting married sake. I love my second guy I don’t know what I can do to get back his attention and I can’t even love any other man, it has bin so hard on me. Pls advise me….